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The Lektor B1 Pro Action Camera: A Lavigne Labs Specialty for Video Enthusiasts

Project Focus: The Lektor B1 Pro action camera project catered to content creators, video hobbyists, and lens collectors. Its C / CS lens mount design allowed for the attachment of high-quality lenses, offering a unique filming experience. Hardware Innovation:
  • Base Model Selection: A 4K Chinese action cam was chosen as the foundation for modifications.
  • Custom Housing: The front was redesigned with custom-machined aluminum housing, ensuring precise lens-to-sensor distance and integrated IR shielding.
  • Mounting Versatility: Included a flash mount, GoPro mount, and 1/4-20" mount, allowing for both standard and upside-down mounting.
  • Antenna Integration: Ingeniously integrated the Wi-Fi antenna into the logo on the aluminum front, maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Software Development:
  • ROM Customization: Extracted and analyzed the ROM image for customization, including boot logo, sound, watermark, and product details.
  • Menu Translation: Updated the English translations for the menu, enhancing user experience.
Design and Functionality:
  • Webcam and HDMI Output: The camera's versatility extended to its use as a webcam and direct HDMI output capabilities.
  • Sound and Logo Design: Custom turn-on sound and logo created by Lavigne Labs' designer, adding a personal touch to the camera.
Project Outcome: Although chip shortages halted production, the Lektor B1 Pro remains a testament to Lavigne Labs' technical prowess and innovative approach in product development. It showcases our ability to merge hardware modification with software hacking, delivering a fully customized and branded prototype.