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Custom Motorcycle Parts: Leveraging Manufacturing Expertise in China

Adapting to Design Needs: At Lavigne Labs, we often encounter situations where off-the-shelf parts don't meet the specific needs of our product development. Being in China, we have the unique advantage of accessing a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to create custom solutions efficiently. Innovative Solutions for Motorcycle Parts:
  • Custom Brake Rotor: Faced with a fitting issue for a brake caliper on an electric motorcycle, we designed a larger brake rotor. Collaborating with a rotor factory, we produced a high-quality piece cost-effectively, demonstrating our ability to quickly adapt and solve design challenges.
  • Triple Tree Clamps: When existing parts were incompatible with the fork legs we intended to use, we designed and produced a set of split clamp triple tree clamps. These parts were machined and anodized, with the entire process taking about a week, resulting in perfectly fitting components.
Efficient Prototyping and Production: Both custom parts were extensively tested and proved to be ideal for mass production. These prototypes exemplify our capacity at Lavigne Labs to create products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and strong. Whether considered customer-ready products or production prototypes, these parts stand as a testament to our expertise in utilizing the Chinese manufacturing environment to its fullest potential.