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Custom Dog Leashes: A Testament to Lavigne Labs' Innovation and Versatility

Inspiration from Our Furry Friends: At Lavigne Labs, our love for pets, especially rescued ones, sparked the idea of creating custom leashes with personalized names. This project was driven by our team's lifelong connections with dogs and the desire to showcase our furry friends in style. Challenge and Solution:
  • Printing Challenge: Initial research with a polyester strapping factory revealed limitations in producing one-off leash prints due to machinery constraints.
  • Innovative Approach: Lavigne Labs developed a method involving a large heat press, ensuring the material remains straight during the printing process.
Design and Production:
  • Vibrant Designs: Our designer crafted eye-catching leash patterns, each featuring unique fonts and styles, with rich and vibrant colors.
  • Custom Heat Press: Constructed from 8 heat plates for double-sided printing, connected with aluminum for flatness and covered in Teflon for durability and easy maintenance.
Quality Hardware Selection:
  • High-Strength Fittings: Meticulous selection process to ensure the highest strength and finish quality, with individual packing from the factory to prevent scratches.
Commitment to Excellence: Embracing the challenge, Lavigne Labs invested in a CNC sewing machine to achieve perfect stitching patterns. This dedication to mastering new production techniques exemplifies our commitment to transforming ideas into high-quality, efficiently produced products, ensuring client satisfaction and profitability.