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Black + Decker Hex Puck Under Cabinet Lighting: Designed by Brian Barrett Innovative Lighting Solution: Responding to the market dominated by generic puck lights, Brian developed the Hex Puck under cabinet lighting—a product that stands out for its ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturing simplicity. This design remains one of Barrett's most esteemed creations, showcasing his ability to blend functionality with innovation. Product Features:
  • Master Control Puck: Equipped with a proximity sensor for the standard version and an IR remote sensor for the color variant.
  • Satellite Pucks: Additional pucks synchronize effortlessly with the master control for unified lighting.
Design Ingenuity:
  • Low Profile Design: Achieved through creative engineering, including the innovative use of standard connectors.
  • Smart Connector Utilization: A standard mount connector ingeniously adapted as a mid-mount to reduce the puck's height.
Technical Highlights:
  • Pigtail Wires: Simplify the PCB, streamline production, and reduce BOM costs.
  • Screwless Housing: Showcases a clip-based assembly for the lens and body, eliminating the need for screws.
Proud Achievement in Manufacturing: The Hex Puck's housing design is Barrett's pride, featuring a clever clip system that omits the need for mold slides—reducing tooling costs and enhancing the product's aesthetic. The design ensures all clips are hidden once assembled, showcasing a clean and sleek finish. Product Legacy: The Hex Puck lighting series not only exemplifies Brian Barrett's design philosophy but also his strategic approach to product development. It highlights the importance of each choice in the process, from connectors to casing, and represents a significant achievement in creating a competitive, market-leading product.