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Black + Decker Under Cabinet Lighting: A Benchmark in Functional Design

Design Initiative: Brian Barrett's innovative approach led to the creation of an exceptional under cabinet lighting system for Black + Decker. Renowned for its tool-free installation, this project stands as a significant achievement in home lighting solutions, blending ease of use with modern aesthetics. Key Features:
  • Material Excellence: Crafted with aluminum extrusion and PCB, complemented by high-quality ABS end caps.
  • Unique Connectivity: A 3-wire system (center for the switch signal, outer two for power) ensures reliable and intuitive connections between light bars.
Technical Breakthrough:
  • Solving Directional Challenges: Barrett ingeniously overcame aluminum PCB limitations by integrating a diode bridge, achieving polarity independence in each light bar.
  • Smart Control Unit: Equipped with IR proximity sensing for hands-free operation and dual connection points for versatile installation.
User-Centric Design:
  • Dimming Functionality: Features a 10-level dimming system, which remembers the last setting for user convenience.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Compatible with both direct control and wall switch power sources.
Product Adaptability:
  • Versatile Button System: Allows an unlimited number of button-equipped bars in any setup, providing control accessibility from multiple points.
  • Tailored to User Preferences: Designed to accommodate various installation styles, prioritizing ease of use and individual needs.
Project Impact: This Black + Decker under cabinet lighting project showcases Barrett's commitment to innovation and user experience. It highlights his skill in crafting lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance the ease and enjoyment of everyday living.