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LINC-Home: Smart Fire Alarm and Home Automation Controller

Project Overview: The LINC-Home project embodies a state-of-the-art smart fire alarm system that doubles as a comprehensive home automation controller. Developed over two years with a focus on both hardware and software innovation, it offers an integration of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, all while adhering to the stringent UL 985 standards for household fire warning systems. Key Features:
  • Multi-Protocol Wireless Connectivity: Options for Zigbee, Lora, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G.
  • Android Operating System: User-friendly interface with Android's versatility.
  • Comprehensive Safety Measures: 24-hour battery backup, wire integrity monitoring, and signal integrity, in compliance with UL 985.
  • Robust Design: Encased in UL-rated flame retardant ABS for durability and safety.
Technical Specifications:
  • Connectivity and Expansion: External USB, 100Mbit Ethernet, and expansion slots for future technology adaptability.
  • Audio-Visual Integration: 5MP camera, dual microphone, 85dB buzzer, and a 7" touchscreen display.
  • Power Management: 5V SOC power supply with eFuses for protection and automatic battery backup transition.
  • Extended Backup: A large lithium-ion battery ensuring over 24 hours of power autonomy.
  • External Zone Support: A 12V supply derived from the battery powers external fire alarm zones.
Design and Certification:
  • RF Shielding: A dedicated RF shielded power section ensures optimal 4G wireless communication.
  • Housing: Designed with special injection plastic to meet flammability rating requirements.
  • UL985 Certification: The unit features comprehensive safety and performance measures like tamper protection, impact resistance, and automated battery testing.
Development and Testing:
  • In-House Pre-UL Testing: Conducted extensive tests for impact, temperature fluctuations, voltage stability, and overall performance.
  • Dual Version Development: Initial version using a Raspberry Pi CM4 and a successor with Chinese domestic ICs to mitigate supply chain risks and reduce costs.
  • Software Adaptability: Seamless functionality transition between Android and Linux OS by the software team.
Project Outcomes: The LINC-Home project culminated in a versatile, functional, and market-competitive smart fire alarm that not only meets rigorous safety standards but also provides a seamless home automation experience. This endeavor showcased the multi-disciplinary expertise of Lavigne Labs, from the meticulous electronic engineering and software development to the strategic product design and robust testing protocols.