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At Lavigne Labs, we specialize in product development in China, harnessing the Chinese domestic supply chain to deliver top-notch products at competitive prices. With over 12 years of experience in developing and producing products in China, we have established strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. By leveraging our expertise, we ensure a seamless project journey, sparing you the challenges of finding reliable project partners.

A boutique firm is a professional firm that tailors its services to meet the exact needs of its clients. At Lavigne Labs, we customize our services to align with your unique requirements, ensuring that your project receives the personalized attention it deserves. Think of it as a tailored suit, meticulously crafted to fit you perfectly, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Project development costs vary based on project complexity and desired timelines. Our project budgets start at $5,000 USD and can extend to several hundred thousand dollars. Don’t be discouraged by the cost; we are highly competitive and work within your budget to achieve the best results. Project costs are influenced by factors such as housing complexity, desired functionality, and software intricacy. For instance, a medium-complexity product may cost approximately $50,000 USD for development and tooling.

We prefer a per-project pricing model, allowing you to budget confidently without tracking hourly usage. However, for certain projects, we can bill on an hourly or monthly basis. This approach is suitable for large R&D projects or long-term engagements with variable development needs. Most projects are ideally structured with milestone-based payments, ensuring you pay based on measurable progress.

Project timelines can vary. Smaller projects may conclude in as little as 6 weeks, while more complex endeavors could extend to a year or more. For a medium-complexity product, a reasonable estimate is typically 3 to 6 months.

Certainly! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project needs. Let’s schedule a meeting to explore your project’s details and determine if our services align with your requirements. If we are a good fit, we can provide a tailored project proposal based on your specific needs and progress accordingly.

Prototypes come in various forms, including photography-only samples, functional samples, engineering samples, and production prototypes. Since product development is iterative, early prototypes may not precisely match the final product’s appearance or functionality. However, each iteration brings us closer to perfection, ensuring the best possible outcome for the final product.

Yes, we offer production management services, covering everything from parts ordering to quality control (QC) management and product export. Our fee is approximately 10% of the Bill of Materials (BOM) cost.

Absolutely. We have established relationships with various tooling shops, including injection molding, aluminum extrusion, and vacuum forming.

Yes, you own all design files in their native format, granting you full control and flexibility to use them as needed.

Yes, we provide a complete product solution, including supplier and manufacturer contacts. However, if you plan to manage production yourself, proficiency in Chinese may be essential for effective communication with some domestic suppliers.

Certainly, we can provide a virtual assistant based at our Dongguan, China office. This assistant can assist in managing production or quality control for mature projects.

Our team includes top-notch engineers, designers, and programmers. As a boutique firm, we engage specialists on a contract basis tailored to each project’s needs. Think of us as a general contractor for your project, ensuring quality and results while keeping overhead costs low.

Absolutely! We can complement your in-house team’s capabilities, providing the services you lack to efficiently develop your product.

We primarily use industry-standard software for 3D modeling and PCB design. While we may not have access to your specific software due to licensing, we can often provide files compatible with your in-house software.

Yes, we are flexible and can accommodate most programming languages based on your project’s hardware requirements.

We work closely with you at every stage of the project, offering regular feedback and updates. If, at any point, you’re dissatisfied with the project’s direction, we are flexible and can make adjustments to realign the project. We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and maintain transparency throughout the development process.


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