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Custom Teleprompter: A Functional Prototype by Lavigne Labs

Meeting Modern Collaboration Needs: In our world of remote working and online collaboration, Lavigne Labs recognized the need for a professional teleprompter, not just for speeches but as an effective tool for video conferencing, especially in teaching scenarios. This tool helps maintain eye contact with the audience, a critical aspect often lost in typical webcam setups. Prototype Development:
  • Project Objective: The goal was to create a cost-effective, high-performance teleprompter, equivalent to commercial units but tailored to our specific needs.
  • Core Components: Utilizing a 27" 1080P monitor and custom-ordered half mirrored glass, we laid the foundation for the teleprompter's functionality.
Construction and Design:
  • Frame Design: Built from aluminum extrusion for durability and versatility, designed to be compatible with a standard tripod base.
  • 3D Modeling: Each component was meticulously modeled in 3D to ensure seamless integration and functionality.
  • Custom Fabrication: Key parts like the aluminum back and hood were precisely ordered from a laser cut and bend shop, demonstrating our ability to leverage local manufacturing resources.
Project Insights:
  • Research-Driven Approach: Thorough research into existing solutions and market pricing informed our decision to build a large, high-quality, yet cost-effective teleprompter.
  • Practical Application: This project exemplifies how functional prototypes can be developed efficiently, combining research, 3D modeling, and strategic sourcing.
Functional Prototype Excellence: The custom teleprompter at Lavigne Labs stands as a testament to our expertise in creating functional prototypes. While it may lack the polished finish of commercial units, its functionality, size, resolution, and durability make it an exceptional in-house tool for our team. This project highlights how Lavigne Labs can turn ideas into practical, efficient products, tailor-made to meet specific requirements.